Sensor overview - All Sensors

The HW group product portfolio includes three major domains: Environmental, system and process monitoring devices; technology for IP based serial interface system control and data logging and Access Systems.




  • Converter 2xPt100 1W-UNI

    Double converter to connect two Pt-100 and Pt-1000 probes to 1-Wire UNI (RJ11). One or two external temperature probes can be monitored over LAN Poseidon2) and GSM (Ares).

  • DHZ 5/63-M-Bus

    Single-phase electrocity meter 63A with M-Bus

  • ED 310.DB HWG

    3 phase 380V M-Bus energy meter for direct measuring (max load 63A). Pulses & M-Bus data output - 3x230V/400V, (5)63A.

  • ED 310.I.DB HWG

    ED 310.DB HWG is a static three-phase, two-tariff electricity meter for indirect measurement with 5A inputs, with M-Bus and S0 interfaces – 3x230V/400V, 5A

  • Expander 4xDI 1W-UNI

    Expansion module for connection of 4 dry contact inputs to Ares and Poseidon units. Connect another button, door contact, smoke detector etc. to the 1-Wire UNI bus (RJ11).

  • M-Count 2C

    2x S0 datalogger and converter to M-Bus (2x pulse input (S0) / M-Bus output)

  • Relay Output 1W-UNI

    External Relay output 1W-UNI module allows to expand Ares 12 functionality by remote control of up to 4 relay outputs with a dry contact (NO/NC) capable of up to 50V / 1A load.

  • Product run-out New product Available

    Temp-485-Pt100 "Cable2"

    An IP65 protected box for wall mounting, containing RS-485 converter (Temp-485-Pt100 „Head“ version). Pt100 sensor not included.