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  • 1-Wire hub Power

    Power-boosted hub for the 1-Wire bus. Compatible with 1-Wire and 1-Wire UNI bus. With 1-Wire hub Power, several sensors with higher current consumption (such as Sensor 60V 1W-UNI or Sensor 20mA 1W-UNI) can be connected to a single...
  • Poseidon S-Hub

    S-Hub represents a device which allows connecting RS-485 sensors to Poseidon Family units, as Poseidon2 4002 . The RS-485 bus is connected to the Poseidon model 1250 via TP cables and RJ45 connectors. S-Hub allows connecting up to 8...
  • Poseidon T-Box RJ11

    T-Box hub is designed for connecting sensors over 1-Wire bus to Poseidon2 a nd Ares10/12 family units. The 1-Wire bus is connected over phone cables and RJ11 connectors. T-Box allows you to connect up to 5 sensors to one Poseidon unit...
  • Poseidon T-Box2

    Switch for 2x RJ12 sensors. Connection plug is equipped with RJ12 connector, product is supplied with a 3m cable.
  • Relay Output 1W-UNI

    External Relay output 1W-UNI module allows to expand Ares 12 functionality by remote control of up to 4 relay outputs with a dry contact (NO/NC) capable of up to 50V / 1A load.
  • Spider

    Connects 4 dry contacts or 1-Wire bus RJ11 sensors to Poseidon2 4002 via RS-485 (RJ45) bus. There is aloowed to connect more Spider units to RS-485 bus. Suitable for aaplications with complex cabling in server rooms, industrial buildings,...
  • DB9 LapLink cable 2m

    A LapLink cable (also known as lablink or null-printer cable) is a cable that allows one to connect two computers together to establish a direct cable connection.
  • DB9 Prolong cable 2m

    Extending communication RS-232 cable, 2m long.
  • Modem Cable Poseidon 1250/2251

    Cable for connecting a GSM modem to Poseidon 2250. (Only RxD, TxD a GND signals are connected).
  • Poseidon x2 serial splitter

    Serial port splitter cable for connecting Poseidon RC Cable (2 relay outputs) to GSM modem. For use with Poseidon 1250 or 2250. 3 Cannon DB9: Cannon DB9F (Poseidon), DB9M for GSM modem, DB9M for P1250 RC (can be connected to PowerEgg).
  • Power jack cable 1m

    1 meter long cable - power jack to 2 wires converter.
  • Sensor RJ45 LAST cable

    RS-485 cable 0.5m, RJ45/4 pins to connect 4 terminal pins (A, B, +, - ) to connector RJ45 (2 pairs)
  • Sensor RJ45 MIDDLE cable

    Connection RS-485 cable 0.5m. RJ45/4 pins to terminal block (A, B, +, - ). (3 pairs)
  • USB Cable mini 2m

    USB cable for Ares unit connecting to PC
  • WLD A connection cable 2m

    2m connection cable for connecting HWg-WLD with WLD - A cable.
  • WLD A prolong cable 5m

    Prolong non-sensitive cable 5m for WLD type A. Can be extended to up to 100m in total.
  • 1W-UNI USB calibrator

    1-Wire UNI sensors enables setting and calibration of the measured values, including an option to change the unit type of the value, an exponent and, based on the sensor's type, up to 8-point calibration chart. This allows us to connect...
  • 2-pin Terminal Block

    2-pin terminal I/O plug to IP WatchDog Lite, Damocles MINI and Poseidon2 326x devices.
  • 3-pin Terminal Block

    3-pin Terminal Block
  • Cinterion BGS2T terminal

    The Cinterion BGS2T terminal is a simple RS-232 plug and play M2M device that quickly delivers powerful Quad-Band 2G connectivity and TCP/IP connectivity based on GPRS class 10 data transmission with outstanding low power consumption...
  • E-lock BeFo 512

    E-lock BeFo 512 is an electromagnetic lock suitable for the connection to our RFID constructions or coded locks.
  • ER75i EDGE router

    EDGE router ER75i interconnects equipment with ethernet 10/100 or serial interface via EDGE technology into Internet or intranet – computers, controlling machines (PLC), LAN networks, ATM, cameras etc.
  • Frame for RFID reader 232-M1

    Black montage frame for the reader 600 410 ""RFID reader 232-M1"". Reader is designed as flush fixed, with this frame can be installed to any plate. Require just 3 round holes (one 10 mm for RJ45 connector).
  • GSM SMA antena quadband

    GSM antenna quadband with SMA connector for Ares
  • HWg-SH1: H3-EM Electronic Locking Swinghandle

    Southco electronic swing-handle for rack/cabinet access systems. Can be extended by HWg-SH2 or HWg-SH3 for Web/SNMP remote cabinet door access control. Supplied with a 4m connection cable.
  • HWg-SMS-GW3

    HWg-SMS-GW3 is a central text message (SMS) gateway that HWg devices and applications in the same network can use to dial numbers or send SMS alerts . Target phone numbers are specified in the sending device or the HWg-Trigger application...
  • HWg-SMS-GW: GSM gateway

    HWg-SMS-GW is a gateway that enables HW group products to send text message alarms. Send SMS alarms from all HW group products in your LAN. No software needed, works over a LAN at the Box-2-Box (Peer-to-Peer) level. Save administration...
  • I/O Controller 2 Test board

    A test board for easy setup and debugging of your applications for the I/O Controller. It´s connected to 20 pin connector in the delivery.
  • I/O Controller 20 pin connector

    Two 10 pin green connectors for connecting peripherals to a standard I/O Controller2. One connector is also always delivered with every I/O Controller.
  • LTE router LR77 v2 Libratum

    Balanced router LR77v2 Libratum a LTE, non-modular wireless router features high speed data rates 100 Mbps , two Ethernet 10/100 port s and dual-SIM failover capability for mission critical applications. This router is particularly suited...
  • RFID card M1

    RFID Card type M1. White card with HWg logo & printed order code.
  • RFID reader R3

    RFID reader in standard EM4100 (125kHz) with keyboard and interface of Wiegand.
  • RFID Reader R3 - RJ45

    RFID reader in standard EM4100 (125kHz) with keyboard and interface of Wiegand.
  • RFID tag

    This RFID tag is EM4102 chip with unique code of 64bits.
  • Sensor calibration

    Calibration protocol from accredited laboratory for one physical value in 3 calibration points. (In case you don´t specify the calibration points, laboratory uses the these standard points for temperature -10°C, +25°C, +60°C and these for...
  • GSM Quadband TC55i

    TC55i GSM Quadband modem to RS-232 serial port. Antenna and EU power adapter included. Recommended for North & South America.