Sensor overview - Converters

HW group sensor portfolio contains many common sensors for environmental and system monitoring. For accurate, industrial and harsh environment application is also suitable to use various converters for industry specific sensors.

1-Wire UNI

  • Converter 2xPt100 1W-UNI

    Double converter to connect two Pt-100 and Pt-1000 probes to 1-Wire UNI (RJ11). One or two external temperature probes can be monitored over LAN Poseidon2) and GSM (Ares).

  • Expander 4xDI 1W-UNI

    Expansion module for connection of 4 dry contact inputs to Ares and Poseidon units. Connect another button, door contact, smoke detector etc. to the 1-Wire UNI bus (RJ11).

  • Relay Output 1W-UNI

    External Relay output 1W-UNI module allows to expand Ares 12 functionality by remote control of up to 4 relay outputs with a dry contact (NO/NC) capable of up to 50V / 1A load.


  • Product run-out New product Available

    Temp-485-Pt100 "Cable2"

    An IP65 protected box for wall mounting, containing RS-485 converter (Temp-485-Pt100 „Head“ version). Pt100 sensor not included.