Temp-1Wire IP67 (1m, 3m, 10m)

Temperature probe (-10°C to +80°C) with a metal housing with IP67 protection. Supplied in 3 lengths as:

  • Temp-1Wire IP67 - 1m
  • Temp-1Wire IP67 - 3m
  • Temp-1Wire IP67 - 10m

The temperature probes can be daisy-chained using the HTemp-1Wire-Box2 units. Temp-1Wire is designed for connecting to Poseidon, Ares, and HWg-STE family devices.

  • Temperature probe (-10°C to +80°C) for general usage
  • Stainless steel casing with IP67 classification
  • High protection against water and total dust protection
  • Sensor can be immersed to up to 1m
  • Temperature measuring in all IT, home and industry environments
  • Temperature probe for both outdoor and indoor use
Applications and usage: 
  • Temperature measurement in IT and industry
  • Temperature monitoring in storage and technology rooms

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Combined sensors

  • The combined temperature+humidity sensor appears as 2 different sensors. Two different IDs.


Daisy chain – 60m maximum total length

  • Some sensors feature an RJ11 connector for daisy-chain (serial) connection.
  • A 3m connection cable is usually included.
  • The total wiring length should not exceed 60 meters from an active port.


4 active ports - 4x 60m

  • After autodetection, sensors cannot be moved between individual active ports. When a sensor connection changes, autodetection needs to be redone.
  • The total wiring length should not exceed 60 meters from an active port.



The information about time-related sensors' precision and the need for calibration can be found in this application note https://hw-group.us/support/sensor-accuracy-over-time.

You can also get a sensor with a calibration protocol.


HWg Video Flyer about Combined sensor