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S0 pulse counter with SNMP & Modbus/TCP

Case study on connecting electricity, gas or water meters to the Ethernet and reading values over the SNMP or Modbus/TCP protocols. Pulse outputs from 3rd party meters (S0 interface) are connected to the Damocles Ethernet I/O unit. Each Digital Input on the Damocles unit features a 32-bit pulse counter. The value of this counter can be read out over the web using most M2M protocols (SNMP, XML, Modbus/TCP).

  • Works with any 3rd party energy meter with pulse output (S0)
  • S0 pulse output from the meter is connected to a digital input (DI). The Damocles unit works as a s0 pulse counter with Ethernet output.
  • M2M output: SNMP, Modbut/TCP, XML (HTTP)
  • Software: PDMS + XML overview to MS Excel
  • Electricity consumption monitoring for datacenters
  • S0 to SNMP conversion
  • S0 to Modbus/TCP conversion (most SCADA systems)
  • Energy consumption monitoring
  • Digital pulse counter
  • Can be used with existing 3rd party energy meters (S0 pulse output required)
  • Compatible with any S0 electricity / gas / water meter
  • The HWg-PDMS software allows conversion of pulses to [kWh] / [m3] / [l] and consumption analysis within a defined time period.
  • Several Damocles models available, with 4, 12 or 24 Digital Inputs

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