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SMS and SNMP monitoring of temperature / humidity

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Temperature and humidity is monitored with a web thermometer that is also capable of sending alerts as text messages (SMS). High temperature alerts are sent by E-mail / SNMP trap as well as by SMS (via a GSM modem).

  • Simple SMS thermometer – needs only electricity and GSM coverage to send SMS alerts. Does not depend on LAN functionality or any other software.
  • E-mail and SMS alerts can be sent to multiple recipients.
  • Sending alerts about equipment overheating (server, disk array) directly to your mobile phone
  • A/C functionality monitoring
  • Informing about excessive air humidity
  • Get instantly notified about a problem
  • SMS alerts do not depend on any other system
  • Connects to any SNMP monitoring software
  • E-mail alerts you in time to rising temperature

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