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SMS and SNMP monitoring of temperature / humidity

Temperature and humidity is monitored with a web thermometer that is also capable of sending alerts as text messages (SMS). High temperature alerts are sent by E-mail / SNMP trap as well as by SMS (via a GSM modem).

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Technical description

  • GSM modem is connected to the serial interface. The supplied external RS-232 modem is used.
  • Poseidon 3265 is connected to an Ethernet 10/100 Mbit network Configuration and control is performed over the Poseidon GUI (WEB server).
  • Sensors are daisy-chained in series using a telephone cable (RJ11).
  • Each sensor has its own ID, textual name, and MIN and MAX alarm threshold settings. Text messages contain the name and value of the sensor where the alarm originates.
  • For each sensor, alarm delay of X seconds can be configured.
  • E-mail and SMS alerts are sent independently for each sensor.
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