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IP WatchDog Lite

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IP WatchDog Lite monitors function of Ethernet devices. Compared with its full version, the IP WatchDog Lite detects the devices' functionality using only PING. If there is no response within a specified time period, IP WatchDog will RESET the device (or switch to a back-up communication circuit, set off an alarm etc.) A single WatchDog Lite device can independently monitor up to two devices, such as servers, routers, access and security systems.

  • Two independent relays intended to use two switching contacts to reset or start monitored devices
  • Monitoring ethernet devices using outgoing PING (ICMP)
  • Monitoring ethernet devices using incoming ICMP command - PING.
  • One relay contact is always nonpotentional, the second is connected to WatchDog's power supply
  • Manual control (Startup / Shutdown / Restart) of the monitored devices.
  • Ethernet - RJ45 (10BASE-T - IEEE 802.3).

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