Temp 1Wire Pt1000: Industrial precision sensor

If you need the best sensor for industrial applications, the Temp 1Wire Pt1000 is the right choice.

The Pt1000 sensor offers high accuracy over a wide temperature range, long life, and IP67 protection.

Temperature: -50 °C up to 200 °C

(-200 °C – 160 °C Frost version available)

Applications and usage: 
  • Outdoor temperature monitoring
  • Measuring of temperature in the pharmaceutical and food industry
  • Temperature monitoring in fridges and freezers
  • Measuring of temperature in agriculture

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Temp-1W-UNI Pt100 Frost

Pt-100 based low temperatures sensor with 1-Wire UNI output.

Temp-1Wire 3m calibrated - On request

Temperature sensor (-10°C to +80°C)


Simple device for monitoring temperature, humidity. Includes Ethernet and WiFi connectivity.

STE2 r2

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