Accessories overview - Others

HW group devices and sensors have high variability to provide highest flexibility for target application. The Other accessory category contains many usage specific parts, gateways, test and calibration accessories. 


  • 1W-UNI USB calibrator

    1-Wire UNI sensors enables setting and calibration of the measured values

  • 2-pin Terminal Block

    2-pin Terminal Block

  • 3-pin Terminal Block

    3-pin Terminal Block

  • Cinterion BGS2T terminal

    The Cinterion BGS2 Terminal is a simple plug and play M2M device that quickly delivers powerful Quad-Band 2G connectivity and TCP/IP connectivity based on GPRS class 10 data transmission with outstanding low power consumption.

  • Connector RJ-45F DN93612

    Connector RJ-45F

  • DIN Relay 1s

    DIN Relay 1s

  • DIN Relay 2s

    DIN Relay 2s

  • E-lock BeFo 512

    E-lock BeFo 512 is an electromagnetic lock suitable for the connection to our RFID constructions or coded locks.

  • E-lock XPO-211

    Electromagnetic lock E-lock XPO-211 is designed for installation into rack door systems.

  • GSM SMA antena quadband

    GSM antenna quadband with SMA connector for Ares devices

  • HWg-SH1: H3-EM Electronic Locking Swinghandle

    Southco electronic swing-handle for rack/cabinet access systems.

  • I/O Controller 2 Test board

    A test board for easy setup and debugging of your applications for the I/O Controller.

  • I/O Controller 20 pin connector

    Two 10 pin green connectors for connecting peripherals to a standard I/O Controller2.

  • LTE router LR77 v2 Libratum

    Balanced router LR77v2 Libratum a LTE, non-modular wireless router features high speed data rates 100 Mbps, two Ethernet 10/100 ports and dual-SIM failover capability for mission critical applications.

  • RFID card M1

    RFID Card type M1. White card with HWg logo & printed order code. 

  • RFID reader R3

    RFID reader in standard EM4100 (125kHz) with keyboard and interface of Wiegand.

  • RFID Reader R3 - RJ45

    RFID reader in standard EM4100 (125kHz) with keyboard and interface of Wiegand.

  • RFID tag

    This RFID tag is EM4102 chip with unique code of 64bits.

  • Sensor calibration

    Calibration protocol from accredited laboratory for one physical value in 3 calibration points. (In case you don´t specify the calibration points, laboratory uses the these standard points for temperature and for humidity.