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How (not) to destroy a relay

A relay, being a switching element, is usually regarded as a simple component. However, it is relatively easy to destroy if it is used to switch unsuitable loads.

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Datacenter environment monitoring and access control systems


DHZ 5/63-M-Bus

Single-phase electrocity meter 63A with M-Bus

  • Power: 1x230V / 63A
  • Measurement: Direct
  • M-Bus interface: Yes

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ED 310.DB HWG is a static three-phase, two-tariff electricity meter for indirect measurement with 5A inputs, with M-Bus and S0 interfaces – 3x230V/400V, 5A

  • Indirect measurment 3x230V/400V, 5A
  • M-Bus interface and S0 interface

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ED 310.DB HWG is a static three-phase, two-tariff electricity meter for direct measurement up to 63A, with M-Bus and S0 interfaces – 3x230V/400V, 5(63)A

  • Power: 3x230V/400V, (5)63A
  • Measurement: Direct, max 63A
  • M-Bus interface and S0 interface

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M-Count 2C

2x S0 datalogger and converter to M-Bus (2x pulse input (S0) / M-Bus output)

  • Power Supply: M-Bus, in case of M-Bus failure from the internal lithium battery
  • Current consumption: approx. 50μA when battery operated, 1.5mA from M-Bus network
  • Battery lifetime: for consumption 0.23mAh from battery, approx. 200 days in case of M-Bus failure
  • Digital inputs: double signal inputs (S0 optional), 50Hz samping cycle (˂30 ms for S0)
  • Tariff signal: through change-over contact to TS channel or 250 VAC through ACT input
  • Interface: M-Bus according to EN1434-3 standard, 2400 baud
  • Temperature range: -20° up to +65°C
  • Mounting: Industrial DIN-rail 35mm - acc. to EN 50022 standard
  • Dimensions: 1-module size (1 - TE = 18 mm), 82x63x17.5 mm
Applications and usage: 
  • Collecting of impulses from gas-, water-, electricity- or other meters and field units with pulse output or electrical outputs of of type S0.

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  • Two completely separate pulse input channels.
  • Eight memory registers for current values (high tariff HT /  low tariff NT), and historical values (dates).
  • Mounting on Industrial DIN-rail 35mm - acc. to EN 50022 standard

Relay Output 1W-UNI

External Relay output 1W-UNI module allows to expand Ares 12 and Ares 14 functionality by remote control of up to 4 relay outputs with a dry contact (NO/NC) up to 50V / 1A load. Relay output 1W-UNI for  Ares allows manula external system switching via SMS or SensDesk application. any contact can be switched automatically upon alarm detected by sensor, connected to  Ares unit. Set can be used as thermostat, automatic switch of backup units, optical or accoustic alarms, etc. 

The Relay uotput 1W-UNI reduces energy  by using low-power bistable relays. It is not suitable for mobile apps. The time refreshing period  of switches is 3s.

  • Can connect appliances with DI/DO interface.
  • Allows remote control of connected devices.
Applications and usage: 

4x relay output expansion module for Ares 12 and Ares 14 for remote control of appliances like for instance:

  • optical and acoustical alarms
  • air condition or heating systems
  • power back-ups etc.

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Relay output 1W-UNI module enables to expand Ares 12 (and Ares 14) devices functionality by remote control of 4 relay outputs with a dry contact capable of up to 50V / 1A load.

Basic use of Relay Output 1W-UNI


The Relay output 1W-UNI module always uses 4 sensor positions from the 1-Wire UNI bus limit, i.e. even when only 2 DO are in use, the unit blocks 4 positions.


To one active port (RJ11 connector of the Ares device) maximum of 2 Relay output 1W-UNI can be connected. To strengthen the power supply an external 5V adapter or a powered “1-Wire hub Power” accessory can be used.




Base Transceiver Station (BTS) monitoring


1-Wire UNI


How to send SMS via HWg-SMS-GW3

HWg-SMS-GW3 is a SMS gateway for sending text message alarms over a LAN. HWg-SMS-GW3 is primarily intended for use with HW group products and software. However, its communication interfaces are sufficiently documented for use with third-party systems. This Application Note shows how to use HWg-SMS-GW3 in such third-party systems.

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Temp-1W-UNI Pt100 Cable

Pt-100 based temperature sensor with 1-Wire UNI output. It contains a Pt-100 probe (-50°C to 200°C, Pt100/A, 2m silicon cable) and a 1-Wire UNI converter (Converter 2xPt100 1W-UNI). The second Pt-100 or Pt-1000 probe can be connected.

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