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SMS & Email temperature alert

Temperature is monitored with a GSM/GPRS thermometer. SMS (text message) alert can be delivered to 5 recipients. The Ares12 unit is also capable of sending alerts as standard E-mail through its GPRS data connection. Temperature alert can be sent whenever the temperature is too high or too low.

  • Simple GSM thermometer – needs only electricity and GSM coverage to send SMS alerts.
  • Internal battery provides up to 10 hours of monitoring even if external power fails.
  • E-mail and SMS alerts can be sent to 5 + 5 different recipients.
  • SMS temperature alarm when air conditioning fails
  • Maintaining sufficient temperature to avoid damage from freezing
  • Remote monitoring of a country house or a remote infrastructure
  • Temperature monitoring regardless of power failures
  • Simple installation, only GSM signal required (external antenna)
  • SMS message alerts do not depend on any other system
  • Standalone system, independent of any other equipment

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