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GSM temperature monitoring and logging, e-mail alerts over GPRS

Portable solution for remote temperature monitoring and logging, suitable for monitoring rooms or equipment. Excessive temperature sensed by a probe is signaled by a SMS or a ring. GSM thermometer Ares12 continuously logs the temperature in its internal memory and periodically e-mails the log over GPRS. The logs can be imported to MS Excel.

  • A SMS and a ring alert you to a temperature that is too high / too low
  • Alert to high / low temperature can be sent by e-mail over GPRS
  • Temperature logs are periodically e-mailed. These logs can be imported to CapTemp.
  • Cooler or freezer failure (pharmaceuticals / food)
  • Long-term increase or decrease in operating temperature
  • Air-conditioning failure leads to equipment overheating
  • Rapid local response, notification of the equipment owner (SMS), report to a central system
  • Temperature monitoring over SMS or central software (temperature measurements)
  • Long-term temperature measurement, generating of protocols and certificates
  • SMS can be sent to multiple phone numbers

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