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Temperature monitoring in warehouses and coolers

Temperature monitoring in warehouses, coolers and production plants

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We often talk with companies that need continuous temperature monitoring and checking, either for their own purposes or for regulatory compliance. They are mostly active in the following sectors: food (production plants, restaurants), pharmaceuticals (pharmacies, laboratories, production plants), livestock, agriculture, or retail.

For its goods, every such company needs a warehouse with monitored temperature and humidity.  In order to choose the most suitable device for each individual case, it is necessary to consider the storage room or warehouse size, the point of measurement, and connectivity. The solution can be therefore different for each particular site.


A company is renting some small storage space and does not need any special functions. Just 1x temperature and/or 1x humidity measurement, with logging, online overview and alerts to a temperature outside of a specified range. In such cases, the best product to use is STE2. For a low price, it offers a lot of features. As a bonus, the device can be connected over WiFi, and it comes with a temperature sensor (-10°C to +80°C).

  • Low cost
  • Easy Installation
  • Includes sensor and software
  • Wi-Fi, DI, PoE
  • Email, SMS*, SNMP

A multinational company operates several warehouses for food storage. Besides temperature and humidity measurement, it also needs to control relay contacts for alarms and other functions. It also requires Modbus/TCP control and the ability to connect sensors at distances greater than 60m. Finally, access to the warehouses as well as fire risks need to be monitored. There are dozens of sites to monitor.  With such requirements, it is best to use our Poseidon2 4002 unit that provides all the requested features and a few extras.

If there is no LAN connection available, it is always possible to use the Ares 10/12 device which provides similar features to the Poseidon2/Damocles2 devices and works over a 3G or GPRS connection.

  • Up to 16/24 sensors per unit
  • 12 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs
  • Memory for 250 000 records
  • 5-year warranty

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