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Remote control & IP sensor monitoring + IP cameras in one system (HSYCO)

Simple to use solution combines IP sensors from HW group and IP cameras to one system.
You can control your smart house from anywhere on your iPad, iPhone, Nokia or any other smart phone / tablet device.

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HSYCO HWg provides a frontend to a wide variety of device types from HW group. HSYCO HWg collects realtime data from your network connected monitoring equipment. The user interface looks and works like an app. However, HSYCO HWg is web based. Clever programming provides the same speed and user experience as if you were using a locally installed app.

HSYCO HWg runs on a dedicated small web server, delivered preinstalled with a framework developed especially for the purpose of monitoring and controlling equipment from HW group. It supports most HWg IP sensors including the unique 2D water leak detection system. Many views and controls are available. You can even set sensor alert levels directly from HSYCO HWg. You do not have to access the device’s IP address to do basic configuration.

HSYCO HWg also allows you to access one or more cameras connected to your network. We are presently not aware of any other solution which can combine camera access with HWg monitoring and control from the same application.


  • Home control & security
  • Small business usage - IP camera video & sensors integration.
  • Security system with remote IP sensors & edhanced condition system.
  • Easy way how to connect your IP cameras & sensors to one system
  • IP camera situation triggering by external sensors
  • Clever scenarios programming
  • Easy to use, easy to start

Replace serial printer connected to the output of a POS cash register, a security system or a PBX with the PortStore product transmitting data via IP network.


Technical description

  • HSYCO HWg is connected to the Ethernet 10/100 Mbit network.
  • GSM modem for SMS alerting is connected to HSYCO HWg.
  • Several IP cameras are connected to the LAN. HSYCO HWg is recording data from these IP cameras.
  • Several IP sensor devices from HW group are connected to the LAN. HSYCO HWg is recording data from these IP sensors.
  • The HSYCO HWg is controlled from your mobile phone (web browser) or tablet.
  • You can control I/Os from your mobile device (smart phone).

HSYCO HWg introduction

HSYCO HWg works with a wide variety of HW group products connected to your network. It's a front end to your monitoring environment, providing you with a means to view and control all monitoring devices and sensors from one single web address. HSYCO HWg is based on the HSYCO building automation solution.

The HWg version is designed in a cooperation between HSYCO owners; Home Systems Consulting from Italy and Danish HWg distributor; Team Mobbis.

HSYCO HWg must be ordered as a combined hardware and software solution. Specially designed web sites for data presentation, device and sensor controls, streaming video pictures and general administration comes preinstalled. Only a few administrative tasks need to be done to get started.

What can be connected

HSYCO HWg is designed to support devices from HW group. The only exceptions are the support of video surveillance cameras and a GSM modem.
Streaming video is very hardware power dependent. HSYCO HWg can be delivered in different versions, each taking care of this fact. Two of the most popular models are limited to:

  • 1) 6 devices free of choice from the list below, plus 1 video camera
  • 2) 49 devices free of choice from the list below, plus 10 video cameras.

Unlimited number of sensors can be connected to each device, dependent on the device limitation.

Sensor devices

  • HWg-STE
    A device with limited sensor connection for measuring of temperature and/or humidity (device version with digital in-puts).
  • HWg-WLD
    A water sensor with wire based sensor of up to 80 metres.
  • Poseidon xxxx
    Devices with analogue and digital inputs. More sensors than the HWg-STE.
  • Damocles xxxx
    Devices with a high number of digital inputs. Comes with either relay outputs or Open Collector outputs.
  • I/O Controller xxxx
    Devices with digital inputs and outputs.

Supported devices by other manufacturers

  • GSM/GPRS modem for SMS alerts.
  • Surveillance cameras. Cameras from AXIS are recommended.


Control and security

HSYCO HWg is accessed from a browser using a secure SSL connection. By default, the predefined web sites are customized for both tablet/PC’s and smartphones. Logon is protected by a PIN code. For secutity reasons, the first logon from a device, a PUK code is required an addition to the PIN code. The HSYCO HWg home page consists of a touch optimized menu with the following menu items

I/O Devices

Overview of all digital inputs and relay out-puts. An alert tic-mark can be set in order to activate an email and/or SMS text notification alert, when an input or output connection is switched on or off. When activated the con-nection name turns red. Relay outputs can be switched on and off manually i.e. turn light on.


Overview of all analogue sensors. Selecting a sensor will show a graphical presentation of that sensor for the current day, the last month, or the last year. An alert tic-mark can be set in order to activate an email and/or SMS text notification when defined upper and a lower limits are reached. An alarm situation turns the sensor name red. You do not have to config-ure temperature limits in the HWg device. This can be done in HSYCO HWg too.

Water leak detection

Overview of connected water leak detectors. An alert tic-mark can be set in order to activate an email and/or SMS text notification in case of a water leak. An alarm situation turns the sensor name into red.


You can create the number of users you need. Each user is registered by name, email address and mobile number to be used for alerting. A week schedule is available for
each user. SMS alarms require a GSM modem. Hot Tip: The same user can be registered more than ones, whereby the user can be set to receive emails in the daytime and SMS texts in the nighttime.


The notifications entry displays an overview of the broadcasted alerts (log). The log can be sent as email.


This entry lists all connected cameras. A se-lected camera will display a live streaming image from that camera. If a connected camera supports Pan/Tilt/Zoom, buttons for these functions will automatically be made available.


The tools menu gives access to an overview of all connected sensors with the ability to rename the de-vice names to more meaningful names, such as the name of the location.
The tools menu also gives access to an intuitive method of logical interlinking of available inputs and outputs, so that a relay e.g. can turn on the lights when a door is opened.


Specifications on supplied hardware depends on the selected license. Hardware an software are always delivered together, in order to make sure that the allowed number of supported devices in a license, comply with the delivered hardware.


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