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Environment monitoring in greenhouses

Environment monitoring in greenhouses

Issue description: 

Most greenhouse owners need to continuously monitor the environment in the greenhouse. Monitoring is necessary for correct watering and for maintaining air humidity on hot days, as well as for keeping the right conditions during low temperatures in winters. 


From tiny greenhouses to large greenhouses with an area of hundreds of square meters, environment monitoring pays off because it prevents damage to crops and subsequent financial losses because of incorrect temperature/humidity.


GPRS version

For “outdoor” greenhouses, the Ares 10/12 unit can be used. It supports up to 14 sensors. These can be temperature, humidity, illumination, water or voltage sensors. The Ares unit also provides 2 digital inputs for connecting devices such as third-party motion detectors, smoke detectors or door contacts.

All communication and alarm signaling takes place over GSM/GPRS. In case of an alarm (temperature too high), the user receives a text message (SMS), and optionally the phone number is dialed to make the phone ring.

  • No need for LAN connectivity – only a power connection and a SIM card are needed
  • Simple installation and user-friendly use
  • Overview of all values in the SensDesk online portal free of charge
  • Optional Relay output 1W-UNI expansion unit (sold separately) with relay contacts can, for example, turn on/off sprinklers or heating

LAN version

If the user needs to connect sensors more than 60m away, the RS-485 interface can be used. It works for distances up to 1000m. The sensors are connected to a Poseidon2 4002 unit.

  • Sensor distance up to 1000m from the monitoring unit
  • Possibility to monitor the dew point
  • 16x 1-Wire sensors and 24x RS-485 sensors
  • 12 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs
  • 5-year warranty

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