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Energy consumption in residential buildings

We offer an efficient optimization solution with our HWg-PWR product

Issue description: 


Let us consider a typical residential house of several dozen apartments with their owners or tenants, managed by a manager. Consumption (electricity, water, gas) is measured individually for each apartment. Consumption meters are usually installed in the apartments. This situation often leads to several problems.


The first problem is with recording the meter readings. Someone must be hired to visit all the apartments and read the meters. Owners must stay home from work to make their apartments accessible. Even so, the process of reading all the meters takes several days.

The owner receives a bill from the utility company only once per year and there are often discrepancies. The utility company can make a mistake in the bill and charge an incorrect amount.


We offer an efficient solution with our HWg-PWR product.


The HWg-PWR smart data collection gateway retrieves the precise readings of all meters. Thanks to this device, the person in charge can have an instant consumption overview. All data is transferred directly from the meter to the device, and then can be displayed online or simply stored in an Excel sheet.


  • Electricity, water and gas meters with the M-bus interface
  • Electricity meters with a S0 pulse output
  • Data are always precise, no need to involve human labor
  • Access to data for all apartments, including history
  • One-off purchase only, no hidden fees/recurring costs
  • Standard 3-year warranty and full technical support

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