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E-mail alert to high temperature (overheating)

IP thermometer enables web-based, remote temperature monitoring over IP networks. System overheating or excessive temperature alerts are sent by e-mail. Supplied with software for downloading data over IP, displaying graphs and exporting data to MS Excel. (Excel thermometer)

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Technical description

  • The HWg-STE IP thermometer connects to an Ethernet 10/100 Mbps network.
  • Control and configuration (IP, sensor name, unit of temperature, e-mail recipient) is performed over a web GUI.
  • A second probe (temperature or humidity) can be connected.
  • RJ11 temperature and humidity sensors for the Poseidon family are supported. Available sensors include indoor, outdoor, waterproof, 19" rack mountable and wall mountable versions.
  • E-mail is sent when a safe temperature is exceeded, as well as when the temperature returns to the safe range.
  • Using SNMP at port 161, the IP thermometer can be connected to a monitoring system. For example: HP OpenView, Nagios, Zabbix, The Dude, Intellipool NM and more.
  • MIB table is available for download from the product GUI.

Note: Place the temperature probe of IP thermometer to the point where the temperature rises the fastest (heatsink, outlet of a server fan). This will give you the most time to react to cooling problems.