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IPRC (IP Relay Control)

IP Relay Control is a software designed for working with the IP relay device. You can control the relay contacts with a single click. The IPRC is a single executable, there is no need to install. If you need to control the IP Relay from your application, you can use the (Borland C++ 6.0) source codes, which are available to download.

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  • Simple graphic environment for Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
  • Searching IP Relays in the local network by a UDP Broadcast
  • Allows assigning name to the IP relay depending on an IP address.
  • The Reset function allows short-term (30 sec) status change
  • Contacts type autodetect
  • Shows duration of the running connection
  • The Read button for loading the actual IP relay state
  • Writing the executed operation into a log
  • The software is a single executable file, there is no need to install.

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