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HWg-DCD: DataCenter Dashboard

Windows application "DCD - DataCenter Dashboard" is central software for the ACS (Access Control System) units.

Licence type: 
  • HWg-DCD 8 - Free version, limited to 8 cabinets (requires registration after 30 days)
  • HWg-DCD 12 - Commercial version, limited to 12 cabinets (max 24 doors)
  • HWg-DCD 25 - Commercial version, limited to 25 cabinets (max 50 doors)
  • HWg-DCD 60 - Commercial version, limited to 60 cabinets (max 120 doors)
  • HWg-DCD unlimited - Commercial unlimited version (technical limit is around 500 cabinets
SW version: 
  • Platform: Windows (NT service, runs in the background)
  • Communication interface: Email, LAN SMS interface, GSM modem
  • Group functions: Supports groups of users and groups of cabinets (racks)
  • License: The software is free of charge for up to 8 cabinets
  • Maximum capacity: Max 500 racks, max 250 rooms
  • GSM modem: GSM modem have to be connected locally to the PC
  • User statistics: Access logs for each rack, SMS alert to the opening of a door
  • Special functions: Visual indication whether all doors in a group are closed and locked

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