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Freedomotic is an open source building and home automation software written in Java.

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Open source
  • Open source: GPLv2 license
  • Distributed & Scalable: can be deployed on a network of peer-to-peer hardware node. It is scalable and provides automatic load balancing across nodes on the network.
  • Cross-language: it uses a message oriented middleware to exchange information between components (JSON and XML text messages)
  • Cross-platform: Freedomotic is written in Java so it can run on Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris. Java JRE 6 is required.
  • Event Based: Every action in the real environment and every interaction with the system (eg: a click on the GUI) is mapped to an event. Events can be intercepted at runtime with Triggers making the behavior of the system fully configurable.
  • Modular & Extensible: Freedomotic is modular and can enrich its features using plugins. API are distributed along with the software to easely create new add-ons. It provides OSGi Framework features in a simpler way, leveraging well known OO programmig inh
  • Semantic-rich: Freedomotic provides a semantic-rich knowledge of the environment to implement intelligence and reasoning systems. No coding is required, the environment can be described using our graphical editor.
  • Hardware Agnostic: Freedomotic has an hardware abstraction layer to abstract from hardware infrastructure (sensors and actuators) using events, triggers and commands.
  • Custom plug-ins: plug-in for HWg-STE LAN Thermometer
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