HWg-Juno - I/O devices for IP CCTV

HW group is entering the IP surveillance market with the introduction of HWg-Juno. HWg-Juno is a specialized device for integration of I/O’s into Genetec’s Omnicast. We are thrilled to bring to market HWg-Juno as first dedicated IP I/O device supporting the Genetec Protocol. Now you can simply connect any number of digital inputs & relay outputs to Genetec’s Omnicast system.

Juno product line consists of:

  • HWg-Juno 101 with 1 dry contact input and 1 relay output. PoE and 70°C endurance make this ideal outdoor IP I/O device for low count I/O needs.
  • HWg-Juno 404 with 4 dry contact input and 4 relay outputs is universal IP I/O device.
  • HWg-Juno 1200 with 12 dry contact inputs and PoE is ideal replacement for multi-port I/O, available in past on multiport videoencoders. Typicaly used for security systems alarms integration.
  • HWg-Juno 008 with 8 relay outputs and PoE is universal IP control box for low and AC voltage device control. AC voltage device control requires optional PowerEgg accessory

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HW group is a Czech dynamic technological company specialized in development, manufacturing and distribution of IoT, remote monitoring and control solutions for wide range of segments:

  •  IT environment monitoring (temperature, humidity, power, contacts, etc.)
  •  Data centers (rack access, equipment monitoring, etc.)
  •  Industrial applications (warehouses, pharmaceuticals industry, food industry, etc.)
  •  Security applications (IP surveillance systems, serial printer replacements, etc.)