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HWg-WLD is a water leak detector connected to the Ethernet. The sensing cable detects as little as a few drops of a liquid, and can be also used to detect condensation. Whenever a liquid is detected, the device sends an e-mail or a SNMP Trap, or uses a central SMS gateway HWg-SMS-GW3 to send a text message.

By providing an early detection and warning, HWg-WLD can prevent damages and avoid the associated costs.

A built-in web server is used for configuring. The device can be monitored remotely over the internet using the free SensDesk portal in combination with the SensDesk Mobile application for iOS and Android. It works with HWg-PDMS and HWg-Trigger.

  • 2 – 85 m (6.5 – 280 ft) long sensing cable can be extended using sensing as well as non sensing segments.
  • The sensing cable can be freely bent, twisted or even knotted, pressed or slightly pinched without raising a false alarm.
  • M2M communication protocols SNMP, XML and Box-2-Box allow integration into more complex monitoring systems.
  • Connected via LAN. Configuration via built-in web server.
  • The detection cable monitors even the smallest volumes of electrically conductive liquids. After being flooded with clean water it can be dried and reused.
  • Detected liquid leak as well as the sensing cable disconnecion sends an alert by e-mail, SMS, SNMP Trap, or activates a remote relay at a Poseidon2 of Damocles2 within the same LAN.
  • For Ring or SMS alarm use the HWg-Trigger software (external GSM modem required), or a HWg-SMS-GW3 gateway in the same LAN.
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet) version available.
  • With the HWg-PDMS software, logged data can be exported to MS Excel.
  • Compatible with a range of third party SW. Examples for programmers on using the product are available in the HWg-SDK (Borland C++, MS Visual, VB, C#, PHP, JAVA and more).

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