SensDesk is an Internet service where you can connect your sensors, monitoring devices. From a single interface, you can manage all of your devices, monitor the status on a map, compare trends of variables in time, and process alarm alerts.

Druh licence: 
Související software:
Základní vlastnosti: 
  • Support for Ethernet-based Poseidon products
  • Support for the GSM/GPRS product
  • Concise WEB interface (HTTPS)
  • Alarm alerts, alarms processed by the monitoring center
  • ­Alarms can be conditionally forwarded to e-mail or SMS
Typické aplikace: 
  • IT – Monitoring of operating conditions:
    Temperature monitoring in 19” racks and server rooms
    Monitoring of UPS status, humidity, power, access to the room
  • Food industry: Monitoring of storage conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.) within a certification system (HACCP)
  • Pharmaceutical industry: Monitoring of pharmaceutics storage

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