Canceled overview - Sensors


  • HTemp-1-Wire Outdoor

    Temperature (-30°C to +85°C) and humidity sensor for outdoor use, communicating over 1-Wire bus (MicroLan). The sensor is designed for connecting to Poseidon, Ares and STE units.

    HTemp-1-Wire Outdoor
  • Sens-485-UI

    Product canceled

  • Temp-1Wire (1m, 3m, 10m)

    Temperature probe (-10°C to +80°C) designated for IT environment, for installation into IT cabinets (racks) to a cable bundle.

    Temp-1Wire IP67 (1m, 3m, 10m)
  • Temp-485-2xPt100 "DIN"

    Temp-485-2xPt100 "DIN"

    Product canceled

  • Temp-485-Pt100 "DIN"

    Temp-485-Pt100 "DIN"

    Product canceled